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Want to help your stakeholders improve their health and wellbeing in a fun, measurable and successful way?

Then get them along to one of our unique fun-filled health and wellbeing experiences - designed using NHS and WHO guidance - where they will enjoy a fresh fruit taster experience (part of their 5 a day), a safe exercising static bike ride, making and tasting pedal-powered fresh fruit smoothies, juices and shakes as well as the encouragement and support to exercise regularly, eat healthily and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Read More... (links to about page)



provide colleagues, customers, communities and learners with an immediate feel-good factor and encouragement to exercise regularly, eat healthily and be mindful of their body's so that they can enjoy an improvement in their overall wellbeing. Read More... 

Your stakeholders will leave having a had great fun - and the feel good factor that goes with it - as well as exercise, nutrition and the incentive to exercise regularly and eat more healthily as a part of their journey to improved health and wellbeing being. feel good factor -


If you want to engage your audience in any setting, a great way to get their initial attention is through a promotional activity. And if you also like promoting health and wellbeing to your stakeholders, Fun and Fit Bike is perfect.


Everyone loves some fun and that's exactly what they'll get with a safe, exercising static cycle ride that produces a pedal-powered fresh fruit juice, smoothie or shake.


It takes less than a minute to pedal-power a refreshing drink, so you can engage lots of people at one time. 

Fun and Fit Bike is perfect for events such as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions (MICE), community engagement, sports days and of course health and wellbeing promotion in education, workplace and community.

The Fun and Fit Bike experience can be customised to suit your exact requirements - including a range of additional activities to engage your audience type - and is delivered on your behalf by our professional team. We work to the highest standards of health, safety and hygiene, with all certification in place.


Further info on the Fun and Fit Bike experience, together with the optional additional activities, can be viewed here.

All of our hosted experiences include:

  • Fun and Fit Bike(s) - for all ages from 7+

  • Event host(s) to deliver your experience

  • Chilled and prepped fresh fruits and ingredients to make juices, smoothies, shakes and even mocktails - including drinks menus relating to your business or sector

  • Display stand and preparation counter

  • Biodegradable cups, lids, straws, napkins

  • Additional optional activities, including structured health and wellbeing sessions, virtual reality cycle rides, Tour De France performance trials and renewable energy learning.

  • Option for full branding in your organisation’s style

  • Full health, safety, and food hygiene compliance


For availability, bookings and further information, please contact us here.

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