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The fun and fit bike was a fantastic way to promote healthy attitudes within our school.  The children really enjoyed creating their own smoothie flavours and were mesmerised as the fruit transformed in the blender, right in front of their eyes.  We also had our parents and carers into school to have a try and the feedback was really positive.  the organisation and set up was made really easy by the company.  A fun, fit and fantastic experience.


Jaclyn Bunten, Principal Teacher, Milton Primary School, February 2020

The Fun and Fit Bike is a superb way to improve awareness of and attitude to the importance and benefits of health and wellbeing, as well providing practical and persuasive information on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Whether it is in primary or secondary school, college or university, everyone will love having an exercising cycle ride and making a pedal-powered fruit juice, smoothie or shake. Alongside this, other fun learning activities and key messages can be delivered.


And it is the fun that makes it such an impactful learning method, ensuring messages are imparted more successfully. 

Pupils and students can enjoy the experience in numerous ways.


The Easy Rider Experience - delivered in a fun and informal way, in any setting - provides an enjoyable, exercising cycle ride and rewarding pedal-powered fruit juice, shake or smoothie, as well as a range of optional extras, including takeaway snack fruit, health and wellbeing learning book, 'I'm on my way to 5-A-Day' badge, all of which measurably improve awareness of and attitude to health and wellbeing.


Customised Experiences provide educators seeking to achieve curriculum-specific objectives, including around literacy, numeracy, resilience, and health and wellbeing, with a range of learning activities that deliver measurable impacts and outcomes, including:


  • Improve literacy skills by creating a lightbox school welcome message and illuminating it with pedal-power via the bike's integrated dynamo and USB


  • Boost confidence, self-esteem, resilience, and mental health through relaxed Virtual Reality cycle rides on the world’s best routes

  • Improve numeracy skills by undertaking a Tour de France-style performance trial and calculating speed, distance, calorie burn


  • Learn about renewable energy by using pedal-power to drive a mini wind turbine​

  • Make pedal-powered smoothies, shakes, juices using the bike’s integrated blender​

All our experiences are based on data, guidance, and information provided by the World Health Organisation and the NHS, and include:


  • Event host to ensure successful delivery of the experience


  • Fun and Fit Bike(s) - suitable for all ages from 7+


  • Fruits and ingredients to make smoothies, shakes, juices, and even mocktails


  • Display stand, preparation counter


  • Cups, lids, straws, napkins (all biodegradable)​


  • Health and wellbeing takeaway information


  • Equipment and materials for customised experiences


  • Option to have the experience fully branded in your colours, logo, message​


NB. If you wish to deliver the experiences yourself, we can provide training and support, as well as a user-friendly programme-delivery manual.

For further information use our enquiry form or call 07770 926895

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