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The Fun and Fit Bike is a great way to improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce - and your organisation.


As well as enjoying a cycle ride and rewarding fresh-fruit smoothie, shake, or juice, your colleagues can benefit from a range of fun, impactful activities that reinforce the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, build motivation, and nurture teamwork.


That's good for your business too!


View details of our popular workplace wellbeing experience here


Experiences are delivered by one of our event hosts in your workplace or an off-site location to any number of employees and are ideal for forward-thinking organisations wishing to invest in employee health and wellbeing - including physical, emotional, and mental health - as means of creating a more highly productive workforce and business.


All our content is based on data, guidance, and information provided by the World Health Organisation and the NHS.


Whatever your requirements, we deliver a fully managed experience, including:


  • Fun and Fit Bike(s) - suitable for adults and children 7+


  • All smoothies, juices, and drinks, including menu options


  • Biodegradable drinks cups and straws


  • Display stand, preparation counter, serving area, including ambient storage


  • An event host to ensure a great experience


You can also enjoy:


  • Fun activities, delivered by the host, on exercise and nutrition


  • Your own branding on the Fun and Fit Bike (frame and wheels), display stand and preparation counter, drinks cups, napkins, as well as drinks named after your business /or industry sector


  • For clients who wish to deliver their own experience, we can provide a guide for successful delivery including proven techniques for user engagement


Please see a synopsis of our popular workplace experience here


Our use our enquiry form for a customised quotation.




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