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Health and Wellbeing Learning

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Fun and Fit Bike is a unique, effective, and proven way to encourage people of all ages to improve their health and wellbeing. 


Educators and organisations can use the bike's range of fun learning activities to improve the awareness and attitude of children, students, employees, and stakeholders on the importance and benefits of healthy eating and regular exercise, as well as to provide practical, persuasive information on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 


All Fun and Fit Bike activities are based on advice and information provided by the World Health Organisation and the NHS and can also help improve confidence, self-esteem, resilience, and overall mental health. And because they are delivered in a fun way, the impact is measurably better. 


Our signature activity is our smoothie bike experience where riders can enjoy a safe, exercising cycle ride and make pedal-powered fresh fruit juices, shakes, smoothies, or even mocktails! It's like a magnet, loved by all ages.


Alongside the smoothie bike experience, we have a range of complementary activities, including:


Learning about fruits, including nutritional benefits, preparation, tastings, the five-a-day model, and creating delicious new-recipe fresh-fruit juices, shakes, and smoothies using pedal-power. This activity can also be used to inform on reducing plastic by using glassware and compostable drinking cups.


Safe, exercising stationary cycle rides to build bike riding confidence and provide riding opportunities to people unable to ride on the road (includes virtual reality cycle rides on a range of scenic routes).


Tour de France-style performance trials to calculate speed, distance, calorie burn (to raise awareness of fitness, and to improve numeracy skills in children).    


Creating and illuminating lightboxes, and building and operating mini wind turbines using pedal-power (to raise awareness of climate, environment, renewable energy, and to improve literacy skills in children).


Activities are complemented by a range of added-value elements that enhance the overall experience, including takeaway snack fruit, custom drinks menus (with names relevant to your organisation/sector), health and wellbeing learning book (including health check option using  BMI and BP measurements), 'I'm on my way to 5-A-Day' badges, Tour de France performance trial medal ceremony, certificates of completion, etc. etc. 


We can create and deliver Fun and Fit Bike experiences to achieve your specific objectives or provide you with everything you need to deliver your own experiences - including training (although it's very easy to learn). You can even buy your very own branded bike, complete with comprehensive activities manual, training and 24 x7 support.

For further information use our enquiry form or call 07770 926895

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