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Fun and Fit Bike gives people of all ages and abilities an immediate feel-good boost and the encouragement to improve their health and wellbeing. 

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We deliver unique fun-filled experiences - designed using NHS and WHO expertise - that help organisations of every type, including education centres, charities, VSOs and businesses achieve their stakeholder health and wellbeing objectives.

The outcomes of our experiences can be measured - using our pre/post survey - to evidence improvement in stakeholder health and wellbeing. 


Measurable outcomes include:

  • Increased awareness of the importance - and benefits - of improved health and wellbeing

  • Commitment and action on regular exercise, healthy eating, and mindfulness 

  • Improved emotional, mental, and physical health and wellbeing (including calmness, confidence, and productivity)

Fun and Fit Bike is a great way to encourage health and wellbeing improvement - when people have fun, they respond more positively to the message. 


Our experiences range from light-touch promotions that increase awareness of the benefits of improved health and wellbeing, to structured sessions that help individuals understand their current health status and make corresponding improvements. Take a look at the options below and let us help you achieve improved health and wellbeing in your classroom, workplace, or community. All experiences can be customised to suit the audience profile and the results measured to demonstrate success.​


Easy Rider experience

A great way to introduce your stakeholders to the benefits of regular exercise, healthy eating and improved health and wellbeing.

  • All ages and abilities can enjoy the experience


  • Conveys impactful messages on the importance of improved health and wellbeing


  • Safe, static bike ride to introduce and encourage regular exercise


  • Fun activity making nutritious pedal-powered fresh fruit smoothies, shakes and juices to introduce and encourage healthy eating

  • Great info, tips and takeaway guide on easy ways to exercise regularly, eat healthily and improve health and wellbeing 

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'"The event was well received by the 71 schools attending and your input was well delivered, a very fun and active contribution for the participating pupils."

Colin Park, Schools Bikeability Programme,

South Lanarkshire Council

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5-A-Day Challenge experience

How many of us are even close in achieving the recommended intake of five pieces of fruit and vegetables per day?

Our 5-A-Day Challenge experience helps improve awareness and uptake of this important element of a healthy diet. 

  • Fun tasting experience of creatively prepped 5-A-Day fruit and vegetables


  • Informative 5-A-Day fruit and vegetable quiz

  • Pedal-powering five pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables to make a 5-A-Day smoothie, shake or juice

  • Takeaway guide on how to achieve 5-A-Day daily intake

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"'It was a brilliant day.  All the children really enjoyed it. Thank you."

 Anne Banks, Learning Mentor, Monkwray Junior School

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Easy Rider + experience

Help your stakeholders achieve an even higher level of health and wellbeing improvement.


This adult-focussed experience enables participants to enjoy all 

the elements of our Easy Rider experience (see above) plus the opportunity to measure their key health stats as a means of making informed choices about improvement actions they wish to take.  Every option can include a pre/post-experience survey to evidence improved health and wellbeing awareness and achievement.


  • All the elements of our Easy Rider experience (see above)


  • Measure and review key health and wellbeing indicators (BMI, BP, eating and exercise regimes, etc.)

  •  Create a personalised health and wellbeing measurable-improvement plan

  • Ideal for targetted interventions

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"'Thank you so much it was a good treat for the team and they thoroughly enjoyed it."

Lorraine MacDonald, Managing Director, Speirs Gumley Ltd

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Relaxing Rides experience
(Returning post-Covid in December 2022)


Relaxing the mind and body is good for everyone's health and wellbeing, and what better way to achieve this than a cycle ride along a Mediterranean beachfront or Californian pine trail?

Our Oculus virtual reality headsets provide a Fun and Fit Bike experience to remember.

  • State-of-the-art virtual reality cycle rides

  • Relaxing, calming and safe


  • Particularly good for emotional and mental health and wellbeing 

  • Great for building bike confidence in new and returning riders


  • Ideal for encouraging cycling participation in a world battling to improve the climate

  • Rounded off with refreshing pedal-powered fresh fruit smoothies and juices

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"A quick thank you - the kids enjoyed it and it was a great day."

Mrs Wessner, Inveralmond Community High School

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Healthy foods tasting experience

Our creatively prepared fruit and vegetable salad bars are the perfect way to encourage your stakeholders to eat healthily.


  • Freshly prepared and served at your chosen location and time

  • Extensive selection of bite-size portions to give everyone a wide tasting experience 


  • Accompanied by fruit juices, water and other healthy snacks

  • Healthy eating guide to take away

  • Can also include making pedal-powered fresh fruit/veg smoothies, shakes, drinks


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"The fun and fit bike was a fantastic way to promote healthy attitudes within our school.  The children really enjoyed creating their own smoothie flavours and were mesmerised as the fruit transformed in the blender, right in front of their eyes.  We also had our parents and carers into school to have a try and the feedback was really positive. A fun, fit and fantastic experience."

Jaclyn Bunten, Principal Teacher, Milton Primary School

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Climate Change and Renewable Energy experience
(available from January 2023)

We are all acutely aware of the climate crisis and the need for renewable energy. 


Our Climate Change and Renewable Energy experience raises awareness of the climate crisis and how everyone can contribute to a solution with simple lifestyle changes.


  • Explains the physical occurrences leading to climate change

  • Introduces the concept of cleaner energy and carbon reduction


  • Provides the opportunity to design, build and test cleaner energy and renewable energy methods

  • Can also include making pedal-powered fresh fruit/veg smoothies, shakes, drinks

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"Excellent session and will definitely be using you for future events."

Michael Quigley, F45 Training, Glasgow Central.

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