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From pedal-powered, nutritious fresh-fruit drinks to virtual reality bike rides, Fun and Fit Bike is a fantastic way to engage an audience.

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Fun and Fit Bike is one of the best and most cost-effective promotional activations around. Just ask the schools, charities, and businesses up and down the country who use the experience to engage their audiences and stakeholders, or the thousands of people - from school children to CEOs - who have thoroughly enjoyed it. Clients include ScottishPower, Marriott Hotels, Speirs Gumley, Local Authority Education Departments, and SCVO.


Whether it is for a health and wellbeing promotion or a product or service showcase, Fun and Fit Bike offers a range of promotional experiences that capture the attention of people of all ages and abilities and provide a fun, safe cycle experience, a feel-good boost, and positive engagement with the organiser's message. 

Fun and Fit Bike experiences are delivered with measurable success* in the classroom, workplace, or community settings, and are fully compliant with all UK health, safety, and food regulations (our health and wellbeing experiences are designed using NHS and WHO guidance). All experiences can be customized to suit specific audiences and objectives.

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 *All of our experiences deliver tangible outcomes that can be measured for their success in improving stakeholder health and wellbeing - as well as evidencing the value of your investment.


Easy Rider Experience

Our most popular experience: a fun, light-touch introduction to health and wellbeing improvement for people of all ages and abilities.

  • Suitable for classrooms to boardrooms - can be customised to suit the audience and objective


  • Safe cycle experience


  • Fun activity, making nutritious pedal-powered fruit smoothies, shakes, and juices 

  • Great info and tips on easy ways to exercise regularly, eat healthily, and improve overall health and wellbeing


  • Can include fruit salad tasting and creative prep experience 


  • Hosted by the experienced Fun and Fit Bike team


  • Can incorporate measurement of improved health and wellbeing awareness, attitude, and action​​​​​​

  • Ideal too for promoting products and services that are aligned to health and wellbeing

  • Great fun for all - everyone loves it




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'"'Thank you so much it was a good treat for the team and they thoroughly enjoyed it."

Lorraine MacDonald, Managing Director, Speirs Gumley Ltd

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Schools Health and Wellbeing Experience

Ideal for promoting health and wellbeing in Primary and High Schools, as well as colleges and universities.


  • Highly engaging activity delivering measurable experiences and outcomes

  • Conveys impactful messages on the importance - and benefits - of regular exercise, healthy eating, and improved health and wellbeing

  • Safe, static bike ride to introduce and encourage regular exercise


  • Fun activity, making nutritious pedal-powered fresh fruit smoothies, shakes, and juices to introduce and encourage healthy eating

  • Can include fruit salad tasting and creative prep experience 


  • Great info and tips on easy ways to exercise regularly, eat healthily, and improve health and wellbeing 

  • Hosted by the Fun and Fit Bike team (for bike hire only, see below)



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'"The event was well received by the 71 schools attending and your input was well delivered, a very fun and active contribution for the participating pupils."

Colin Park, Schools Bikeability Programme,

South Lanarkshire Council

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Relaxing Rides Experience

Relaxing the mind and body is good for everyone's health and wellbeing, and what better way to achieve this than a cycle ride along a Mediterranean beachfront or Californian pine trail?

  • State-of-the-art virtual reality cycle rides

  • Safe, relaxing, and calming

  • Rounded off with refreshing pedal-powered fresh fruit smoothies and juices


  • Particularly good for emotional and mental health and wellbeing 

  • Great for building bike confidence in new and returning riders


  • Ideal for encouraging cycling participation as part of improved health, wellbeing, and climate 



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"Excellent session and will definitely be using you for future events."

Michael Quigley, F45 Training, Glasgow Central.

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Climate Change and Renewable Energy experience (available from early 2024)

We are all acutely aware of the climate crisis and the need for renewable energy. 


Our Climate Change and Renewable Energy experience raises awareness of the climate crisis and how everyone can contribute to a solution with simple lifestyle changes.


  • Explains the physical occurrences leading to climate change

  • Introduces the concept of cleaner energy and carbon reduction


  • Provides the opportunity to design, build and test cleaner energy and renewable energy methods

  • Can also include making pedal-powered fresh fruit/veg smoothies, shakes, drinks



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"A quick thank you - the kids enjoyed it and it was a great day."

Mrs Wessner, Inveralmond Community High School

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