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Calling all Speirs Gumley colleagues

Speirs gumley logo.jpg
Speirs gumley logo.jpg

Come and join us for our Speirs Gumley Valentine's Day with Fun and Fit Bike.


Enjoy an exercising cycle ride and a Valentine's Day-themed pedal-powered fresh fruit juice, smoothie or shake. 

You can try:

Watermelon Woo Hoo

(watermelon, honey and mint) 

Tropical Twosome

(Pineapple, coconut and banana smoothie-shake)

Strawberry Starry-Eyes 

(Strawberry and banana smoothie-shake)

We will also have fresh fruit pots together with some special treats for all you romantics.









Its all part of our aim to boost the health and wellbeing of every Speirs Gumley colleague, so that we can all be happier and healthier in our work and personal lives.

There will also be lots of info on how you can check your current health levels and make the improvements you would like to achieve.

You can find out more about Fun and Fit Bike at the About tab. 


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