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Arranging a party or celebration with colleagues, family, friends?

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, get-together, or office party, the Fun and Fit Bike is a superb way to give everyone a great time.


From mocktails, to cocktails*, to ice cream drinks, every age and taste can be catered for. 


And we provide a fully managed service to deliver the perfect experience for you, including:


  • Fun and Fit Bike(s) - suitable for adults and children 8+


  • Smoothies, juices, mocktails, cocktails*, including fresh fruits and other ingredients


  • Biodegradable drinks cups and straws


  • Display stand, preparation counter, serving area, including ambient storage


  • Host to deliver a great customer and guest experience


You can also enjoy:


  • Fun games and learning activities, delivered by the host, to suit the setting


  • Your own branding on the Fun and Fit Bike (frame and wheels), display stand and preparation counter, drinks cups, napkins, as well as drinks named after your business /or industry sector


  • For clients who wish to deliver their own experience, we can provide a guide for successful delivery including proven techniques for user engagement


Use our enquiry form for a quotation




* Cocktails only available to over 18's 

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