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Clubs and Resorts

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T The Fun and Fit Bike is a unique promotional activity to enhance guest experience and revenue for clubs and resorts.


It offers a magnificent opportunity for holiday/hotel resorts, beach clubs, health and fitness clubs, visitor attractions.


Everyone loves to have fun on a or vacation or day out - especially if there's a tasty cocktail, mocktail, smoothie, or ice cream drink on offer!


Whatever your venue, the Fun & Fit Bike will be a hit with guests of all ages, including kids. In the gym, at the kids club, on the breakfast terrace, or around the pool.


And it also offers the opportunity to increase revenue.


Whatever your requirements, we support you to deliver a magnificent guest experience, including:


  • Fun and Fit Bike(s) - suitable for adults and children 7+


  • All smoothies, juices, and drinks, including menu options


  • Biodegradable drinks cups and straws


  • Display stand, preparation counter, serving area, including ambient storage


  • An event host to ensure a great experience


You can also enjoy:


  • Fun activities to enhance the guest experience 


  • Your own branding on the Fun and Fit Bike (frame and wheels), display stand and preparation counter, drinks cups, napkins, as well as drinks named after your business /or industry sector


  • For clients who wish to deliver their own experience, we can provide a guide for successful delivery including proven techniques for user engagement


Please use our enquiry form for a customised quotation.



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