Easy Rider Experience 

Want to improve the health and wellbeing of your colleagues, customers, communities and classrooms in a way that is fun, measurable and successful?


NB all this as part of the new drive to increase cycling / FF after dark!

Then get them along to our fun-filled Easy Rider experience where they will enjoy:

  • A fresh fruit tasting selection to start or takeaway from their experience

  • A safe exercising static bike ride - who doesn't love having a go on a bike? (including virtual reality)

  • Making a pedal-powered fresh fruit smoothie, shake or refresher juice (part of their 5-A-Day)

  • Greater - and more positive - awareness of the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet as a means of achieving improved health and wellbeing - including mental health.

  • The encouragement, resources and support to improve their health and wellbeing

  • The feel-good (morale) boost that having fun brings 


When people have fun, they are left with a more memorable and positive impression of the content of the experience they have just enjoyed. That's why it makes sense to promote health and wellbeing improvement in this way.

Our Easy Rider experience - designed using NHS and WHO guidance - uses the fun of our static exercise bikes, with their integrated smoothie blenders, and the knowledge of our experienced Fun and Fit Bike team to deliver compelling messages about the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet as well as encouragement and support for achieving a healthier lifestyle.  

The experience can be delivered to small and large numbers of all ages and circumstances in any location.


And, of course, your organisation will also benefit from stakeholders who are more informed and motivated to improve their health and wellbeing through increased exercise and a healthier diet - FURTHER evidence of which can be provided through our pre/post-experience survey facility (links to an example)


Details of exact delivery here 

What people get out of it (delegates and organisation) features and benefits 


'Excellent session and will definitely be using you for future events.'

​Michael Quigley, F45 Training, Glasgow Central. November 2019





The sessions 


Participants (and orgs)  will:  


Learn (in a very interactive way/verbal and handout book) - why its important/the importance of a (healthy) diet containing fresh fruit and vegetables (eg 5 help raise a day prevents diabetes, cancer etc by 23%). Through interactive questioning/quiz - why is it important to eat healthily etc

Fun Questions 

How many veg/recipes are there - popl remember these facts 

Recipse with funny names - Billy the cucumber 

The nutrients and tangible benefits provided by FV (vitamin c - good for /staving off colds) - experiential tasting?

Where/when to get fruit and vegetables (seasonal chart in book)

How to substitute fresh fruit and vegetable for equally beneficial alternatives - How to replace fresh with tinned, frozen etc

How to prepare fruit and veg to make them more tasy/appeaklling - mobile prep thingy (chopped cucumber sticks)

Then get them along for a fun-filled experience: making pedal-powered fresh fruit smoothies, shakes and smoothies; having exercising static bike rides (including virtual reality/who doesn't love sitting on a bike); learning the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating; receiving the support to improve their health and wellbeing.

Your stakeholders will leave with the benefit from(of)/ leave having (tick boxes)

Greater - and more positive - awareness of the importance of regular exercise and healthy eating as a means of improving their health and wellbeing as well as the feel-good (morale) boost that having fun brings 

A great fun experience - and the feel-good (morale) boost that goes with it

An exercising cycle ride and healthy fresh fruit drink (part of their 5 a day)

The opportunity to measure and compare their key health and wellbeing statistics against NHS/WHO recommendations and create an improvement plan to address the gaps.